Happy Howlidays 2008!!!

Just wanted to send love to all my friendzees.....

Mommy calls me "Santa's Little Helper"

Hope all of you get everything you hope and howl for this season!



Not much going on...

Hi all - so sorry so long yet again.  Mommy is just too freakin' concerned with this whole baby thing.  From going to the doctor to picking out nursery colors and "preparing" the house..it seems like a whole bunch of hub bub for nothing but what...my mom's belly (which by the way is getting bigger but I won't say that to her.)

I haven't been up to much since my birthday, kinda just enjoying being a year old.  Mommy and Daddy HAAAAAAD given me some extra freedom.  Please notice the past tense of that.  I was doing really well then Dad's friend Los came to stay with us for a night and it all went out the window..or started to anyways.  Dad/Los said that it must've been the scent of Los' female boxer Sheba but Mom SWEARS it has to do with me wanting attention and needing to show out..but I ended up peeing all over the floor on Friday AND then again on Saturday!  WHATEVER, stupid people!  THEN, Mommy and Daddy have started leaving me out of my crate when they go away for a couple hours and I had been doing really well at holding down the house for them...well I got curious and started fumbling around with things I shouldn't be near..like Mommy's Rainbow flip flops...and I accidentally (I swear it was an accident) chewed one up.  So yeah, that freedom is no more!

Other than that, not too much going on.  Mommy started a new bloggie for my lil' sis - oh I forgot to say that I'm going to get a new little sis and her name is Makaeda Hope..she should be here around March 5th!  Anyway, if any of you bloggie buddies want to check it out - you can find it at http://anevensweeterlife.blogspot.com.  Here are a few pics of me to hold you over, Mommy says I keep getting more and more handsome!


My First Barkday

Well SHOCK SHOCK!! As promised, Mommy actually felt like updating today so here we are, updating! On to the celebration. Little did I know, the parents actually had a dayful of activities planned for 1 year old me! It started off with a ride in the car - which I haven't gotten much of lately since I no longer go to work with Dad. This was me, waiting patiently to get in the car. You'll notice that I do not have a leash on and that's because I'm such a good boy around the complex that Daddy (and somtimes Mommy) lets me go on my walkies without one on...yep that's right - I've earned some trust!

After a nice, sunny ride in the car with nose poked out the slit in the window..we arrived at one of my FAVORITE places - Bark N' Bubbles!!! (Visit their site here: http://www.barknbubblesdogwash.com/) Everyone is so nice there and I LOVE venturing around the 2-story building. There are so many great smells, they have toys and treatsies. I usually can't have any of the treatsies because I only eat grain-free products but Mommy treated me to a few during my bath because I was such a good boy (or to get my attention since I'm a freak but whatever!)

While we were there, the cutest little pup came in and I swear I thought my Mommy wanted to take him home. I started whining and she claimed it was jealousy but I really just wanted to let them unlatch me so I could go play with him. He is 4 months old and his name is Biggie!! Maybe once he gets older, they'll let me actually play with him.

After we left, and another sunny ride in the car, Mommy took some long way back home and they made 2 stops on the way home...one to some Pet place (which I KNEW had to do with me) and then to some food place for Mommy and Daddy. Mommy gets so cranky now when she's hungry so I knew Daddy must have been forced to do that before taking me home to get pressies.

So, once we got home - I DUG into my own dinner of Wellness Core Ocean Formula (my new food that I LOVE and is the best thing ever in life.. (http://www.wellnesspetfood.com/dog_wellness_grain_ocean.html). After that, I was kinda pooped so I took a nice long snooze in the bed before everyone's bedtime. Dad and I stayed up watching TV because Mom goes to bed early these days..and then we went to bed. They told me before nightie nite that I'd get my pressies and such tomorrow (today).

So this morning, I just waited patiently - didn't even eat my breakfast because I was so excited. They had some big brown bag on one of the chairs and I kept trying to sniff it but they wouldn't let me...something about taking off tags and such. SO THEN...once Mommy got the scissors together - it was TIME...this is me stretching my neck around to see what was going on (notice the nice shiny coat thanks to Pops' wash the day before)..

Here's a pic of me and Ape, my new chewy toy that squeaks on his tummy, his hands and his feetsies! I really just like biting at his crazy hair. Then, there's my new rope ball. Mommy thought I wouldn't be able to lift this one - HAHA - what does she know about that though?!?

Matter of fact, here's the progression of my rope balls...and I can still lift and somewhat toss the biggest one. Just give me a couple weeks..it'll be hitting her (Mommy) upside the head just like I've done with the smaller ones by my nice tosses.

Mommy and Daddy also bought me 2 collars - this is my new regular collar, it's really nice and sturdy. I love my Rasta one, but they said it's stinky. Plus yesterday at Bark N' Bubbles, I pulled Daddy so hard that I unlatched it myself! Thankfully this one shouldn't be that simple to break apart. Then Mommy got this other collar with these prongs that's supposed to get me "in control" on my walks. She tried it this morning and it got my attention quickly - guess I'll just have to behave from now on!

I think that's all for now. We have a big day of football planned today..and Daddy and Mommy are supposed to be taking me to get some new treatsies for my barkday since I'm almost out! Thanks for all the birthday wishes and hopefully I'll get to updating more often if Mommy (and Apple - what we're calling the baby at the moment) will cooperate!

Here are a few pics of my Sissy, Magic (my twin) from her Birthday morning..Happy Barkday to her and my siblings!!

Love and licks to everyone!!!



So I'm officially 1 year old today, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?

I have a busy day of celebration planned, and Mommy promises to update with photos and stuff today or tomorrow first thing!



Finally an UPDATE...

okay, so i (my mommy) has been the slackest updater person in the whole entire world and she sends all of you her sincerest apawlogies once again!!  i just don't know what i can do to get her to update this thing more often..

well, i'm officially almost 1-year old..where in the world has the time gone?!?  i've been enjoying my summer so much and am still growing like a weed.  i'm probably between 75 and 80 pounds now and doing quite well (except for the occasional unruly behavior which mommy would say happens more often than what dad would claim but i'm a daddy's boy so what can i say!).

things are changing in my house and i guess it has a lot to do with me getting older and actually having to act like a dog instead of a puppy.  i'm going to try and beg mom to take some newer pics so we can share them..she's so slack like i said.  dad and i have really been wondering what the heck she does that makes her so tired all of the time..she's glued to the couch..

then, we got the biggest UPDATE and news in the whole world.  my mommy and daddy are having a BABY!!!  i'm honestly having mixed feelings about this b/c mommy says i really need to get my act together before this happens..so we'll see about that.  whatever it is..it's growing in my mommy's belly..daddy says she's just going into her 2nd trimester (again whatever that means)...

dad says i need to watch after her more and make sure she's okay so i'm doing my best at following her around and sitting by her...other than that, nothing has really been happening..just tried to enjoy the weather and the warm outside...how is everyone else doing???  i missed you!


May to Early June 2008

Okay - I've been the slacket Blogger ever in life. I'm baaaaack and ready for updates, etc. I just need a while to get caught up with all of your lives first. A lot has been going on as you'll see below..but I'm still a healthy, bumbling boy - now of about 72 pounds!!! More to come in the next few days...I've missed you all!!!


my 1/2 born day - i'm 6 months old

I'm going to have to make this pretty short..I have some buffalo bite treatsies to get to and a nap to take before 11pm.

Today I am officially 6 months old!!!

Where has the time gone...(Mommy feels like shedding a tear..)


i never thought i'd get back to updating my blog, but whaddya know? mom actually blessed me with enough time on the computer so i could update all my pals..first & foremost,

the barking loud crew had a guess what this is contest & in my young years, i was keen enough to come up with the answer..go me!!

so, i've been up to quite a bit...mommy & daddy have been so busy with work & you know a good son like me just goes with the flow. i seem to be getting back on track with my house training..hopefully the regression has ended because i really don't think mommy could take anymore..she & dad already went to buy new smell good stuff for the carpets. of course, that's only to hold the house over 'til i can get the carpet cleaners in here to do work. i figure that's the least i can do for practically peeing everywhere..the least, right?

so a couple weekends ago mommy & i had a really...well..a really tough saturday. daddy had to go to work & mom had a bunch of errands to run so i told them i'd be cool by myself for a few hours..probly take a nap, lick my privates & chew on my blankies. mommy came home, took me for a short walk, put me in my crate in the bedroom & turned on the itty bitty television to bide my time (i really enjoy watching telemundo on a saturday afternoon.)

all was well & good, but after like 2 hours i found myself pretty bored..i had exhausted all interesting items in the crate & resorted to chewing the latch. after about 1 more hour, mommy came in the door...& that's where my serene, happy-go-lucky afternoon ended...with a spanking, some fussing & a trip to BOTH petsmart & petco, not to mention a stern talking to from dad when he got home from work. if you look at my slideshow below, you'll see a pic of me where mommy had tied me to the dining room table (with nothing to look at but laundry) while she cleaned the house (my mess).

......pardon the interruption, but this is kaiser's mommy & i believe i should share a more accurate account of what ocurred that saturday afternoon..as kaiser said, i left him to go run a few errands & returned home about 3 hours later. as soon as i put the keys in the door, i heard a faint "ting, ting" of kaiser's tags on his collar which seemed very strange considering i had left the tv on for him in the room & shouldn't hear him whatsoever at this point. i opened the door to find a bad little puppy walking, head down, tail down toward me at the front door. at closer look, i noticed this bad little pup had left a streak of pee all down the hallway..starting in the kitchen, down by the bathroom, bedrooms..up to the front door. kaiser had also decided to make a mid-afternoon snack of his father's timbaland boots, & he must've concentrated heavily on the shoelaces considering he had made a meal of the ends & removed one completely from the shoe. i'm assuming his efforts at playing cowboys & indians had proved unsuccessful since his make-shift teepee (which had been created from a broken down crate) was all but laying flat on the ground. from there, my guess is he wanted to play dress-up but couldn't quite get his arms in his father's button-up shirt..as a result he had resulted to chewing the collar to a wet, dirty mess......

.......running out of carpet cleaner, i figured i'd get him out of the house & took him to petsmart with me for a refill gallon or so. what a mistake?!?! not only was it adoption day, but they were also conducting what seemed like 2 training classes so the store was overrun with pups...& kaiser couldn't stand it to save his life. we haven't put him in training so it was a constant state of pulling & lunging..him gasping for breath, throwing himself at people & other dogs, me in a constant state of tension, grasping for the rope with both hands..horrible. finally, i said, "kaiser, mommy has had enough! she can't take this anymore!!" & with that, i traipsed over to the leash & collar section only to find the smallest of collars & harnesses for what is now a 50 lb pup. so on we went to petco where i spent over $50 buying a leash with two handles, a harness with a section that tightens around his chest & a martingale collar. of course kaiser's father thought this the most hilarious of happenings & he & the boy both had some laughs (& nub twists) about it all that evening......

as mommy said, i'm officially like 50 lbs (probly a tad bit more since it's been a few days) & have been tearing through my allergen-free food. i just can't get enough...up to 4 cups of food per meal, twice a day!!! again, doc says it's all good since i'm filling out nicely, while looking lean & handsomer than ever (shout out to my baby bella - all this handsome is for you!) speaking of doc...how about she added a link to my blog on her website!! my celebrity has begun!!! (to see a cute puppy pic of me & my link on her site..go to: http://www.alphaanimalhospital.com/ & head to the "links" page.) thanks doc!!

to other very, very important news..the other evening, after a hard day on the job with daddy, we returned home to find a box at the front door. mommy first thought it was a mistake, but then realized it was the belated valentine from the jackman ave gang!!!! woooooohooooo i said, wiggling all around.. by the way: i totally believe that belated gifts may be better because they completely surprise you! mommy could NOT get that package open fast enough...i bit & chewed & tried everything i could..then...that wonderful box of goodness opened, complete "ahhhhhhh" moment, & what did i find?!? SOOOOOOOOOO many goodies..chewies, stuffies, squeakers, treatsies!!! oh my goodness. my fav had to have been the lips..these beautiful red squeaky lips...i use the past tense because they lasted all of 2 hours before their end. they were so fun while they lasted though...mommy & daddy laughed & laughed...i couldn't contain my excitement & started doing a bunny-hop back & forth...

you know i always like to try & maintain the happy on my blog, but i'd like to take a moment of silence for the UNC Student Body President, Eve Carson who was shot in Chapel Hill this past week..mommy & daddy both went to school there & the Carolina Family is very much a BIG deal...our thoughts, prayers & sympathies are with her family & friends & the entire Carolina Family surviving this beautiful, promising individual..

sooo..i think that's all my updates for now..i'll be commenting & visiting everyone's pages throughout the week. mommy can't check my comments for me at work anymore so it may be a little while, but i promise to at least stop by your spots sometime soon! Don't forget to take a look at my slideshow below... ;)

ppppsssss...i'd just like to say that i love my daddy!! he's my bestest pal in the whole entire world & i love him so much...



hi everyone..as usual, mommy took forever & a day to update my bloggie..& of course since she took extra long - i have goodies galore, tags galore & updates galore to share with all of you..let me start with the goodies...crikit, sparky & ginger gave me this special goodie - mommy calls it a boquet!!

it's the "so special award" & it makes me feel so very special so i'm happy that i can make others feel the same way..i'd like to give it to my beautiful sweetie, bella. i already sent her flowers for valentines, but you can never give your sweetie too many blooms..next we have the excellent award. this one was given to me by the jackman ave gang which includes the lovely penny and beauty lola. "This award is given to bloggers who have wonderful outstanding styles and a fantastic ability to keep us thinking, amused and entertained. We now need to send this to ten writers of outstanding style and ability."

mommy was so proud to know that i'd received this award b/c it really means that my bloggie brightens the days of others...YAY!! i'd like to give this award to bogart and peanut.

now..onnnnnnnnn to the tags!! i was tagged by mango & maeby to list 7 unknown things about myself...some of these may be redundant from what i've done one tag a while back..but i'm guessing some of you didn't read that so they can be considered unknown, so to speak?!? hmmm? okey dokey..here we go:

1 - my mommy's special baby-boy nickname is "boobie". it kinda sounds like poopie, but the way she says it just makes my little nub twitch..i know when she calls me that - that i'm good to go, no trouble, no crate, etc.

2 - i've outgrown my smaller crate (which is a large crate)...

3 - i have an obsession with my mommy's body lotions - for some reason they smell & taste good, just like food so i mean why in the world CAN'T i taste it???

4 - i've already lived in 2 states - WV & VA

5 - my middle name is blaze.

6 - doc is predicting that i'll be about 80 - 85 lbs!!!

7 - i'm such a big baby - i hurt my butt a few days ago when i was playing & yelped so loud! mommy dropped to sitting on the floor & i ran right in to her lap & cuddled my face right under her chin - i could not get close enough!!! (i'm such a mama's boy.)

i'm passing this tag along to any pup out there who wants to share new stuff about themselves..b/c i LOVE hearing about all your lives!!! so..i got another tag from my homeboy kaiser from the zoo crew..(yep that's right we totally share the COOOOLEST name ever in the whole universe...)..this is my five faves tag - where i have to go through my old posts, linking them...here's my shot at it:

1 - Link One - Must be about family -- Supplement to "Cough, Cough" & Thanksgiving this post was a very special one with family in it. it was my first trip to see extended family members..i not only took a nice road trip with mommy & daddy, but then i got to meet my nana, my grammie, my pawpaw & other hooman cousins..BUT i also got to meet & play with my cuz layla..who i miss so much!!!

2 - Link Two - Must be about your friends -- Butterflies in My Tummy this post is special because even though i hadn't come to my home in VA yet, i had met my very first pals outside of boxers of cheyenne...they welcomed me to VA & i love them for it...all my posts after that are very special b/c my pawrents & i LOVE reading your comments on all my posts.

3 - Link Three - Must be about yourself -- AKC Registered..etc. this post is one of my fav's about myself b/c it was all about my "officialness"..a very big point in my life as a pup..

4 - Link Four - Must be about something you love -- and Such..i chose this post b/c it has a lot about my life in it...which i love my life so that would explain it..but also - it includes a part about me signing holiday cards for my fam..i love my fam & friends & sending cards...sharing love. :) is that cheesy or what?!? not to mention all the great pics of myself..i'm such a conceited, eh hem, convinced..doggie!!

5 - Link Five - Can be about anything you choose -- last but certainly not least...this post i'm writing right now is probably one of my favs b/c it makes me feel soooooooooo good & loved to receive awards, have been tagged, etc. etc. etc.

i want to tag anyone who hasn't done this tag yet...so get on your blogs & get on it!!! :) woohoo!!!!

NOW...on to other forms of "gifts"..my pal bogart asked a bunch of us bloggie friends to help tastetest some jerky that his hoomans have been making...hard at work i may add..check out his blog if you don't believe me!! anyways...i got my package in the mail..and WOOOOHHHHHEEEEYYYYY...we got the package but mommy made me wait to eat any of it!! i have to say...bogart - your hoomans & your superb quality control efforts were NOT in vain..this was the bestest ever!!! here's me almost taking off mommy's finger as she's holding it for my taste test..

so valentines day is over and i feel like the most loved dog ever. i received so many valentines and pup-o-grams and got so excited opening each one..there are so many to list, but here's a small sample..my honey's...and then the zoo crew...

thanks to everyone for pawticipating..can't wait til the next exchange!! not much else has been going on..i've kinda "reverted" mommy says b/c i'm peeing a lot in this house which means training again...fun fun fun (nooooot)! i got a new toy and a new bed (mommy interjection: which he has yet to sleep on b/c he pees on it every time we put it on the ground). here's a shot of me with my new toy..

i was so shocked to get a new bed, i had no idea they were even considering a new one..they left to go eat brunch, came home and from around the corner i see this HUGE bed...i was SOOOOOOOOOO excited...just look:

alrighty roo..it's about time for the fam to sit down for dinner..so i'm gonna head out...i'll be commenting again soon!


Happy Valentines' Day..

H.A.P.P.Y. V.A.L.E.N.T.I.N.E.S. D.A.Y.
(i have a lazy mom)
Mommy will be sending out all of my valentines for the exchange today so all you pups and humans that sent me your address..BE ON THE LOOKOUT!
(did i mention that my mom is the laziest person in the world?)
there's been a lot going on around my house lately so mom claims not to have had time to sit down & finish my update yet. her friend, my auntie christin, is coming to town this weekend so she says she has to clean house, get the guestroom situated..and all that!!!
(whatever, i say)
anywho, a-paw-logies for the tardiness (laziness) of my post (my mom).
Here's to a GREAT, lovey-dovey, day!!!
i'll be returning love & comments very soon!



hi all my friendzees!!!

okay - mommy was helping me to write a very thorough, long update/post with goodies...




& valentines news.....

but blogger is being slow & keeps locking the computer up sooo...

we're going to try again tomorrow nite.

be on the lookout!!!


my day(s) of rest




yep, you guessed it - it's me, your pal Kaiser!!!! luckily i'm back in business & able to post again. thank you so much to everyone who sent great vibes & well wishes, or just thought of me during the day. i can definitely feel the love. i tell you, these arguments with my tummy & intestaments..intesta..my insides have had my life in shambles..well okay, not shambles but i can tell you that it hasn't been pleasant. technically i feel the same as always, but i just can't stop going to the bathroom/shooting poo when i'm out there.

now to the health recap & update:

- had a fecal exam showing signs of giardia & was put round of metronidazole & dewormer

- switched to wolf cub bison/salmon food in case of chicken allergy

- still suffered from loose stool & went for full course of exam

- had regular exam, xrays, blood panel, etc. etc. etc. (so kewl b/c daddy was able to see my growth plates & everything)


- results came back positive & pretty normal for a growing pup

- i did have an elevated white blood cell count but doc figured it's cuz i have an allergy

- doc thinks i'm too young to have developed colitis

- mommy has to call to update her on my stool tomorrow & we'll go from there

either me or mommy will update everyone as the plot thickens...right now, we're just going to try to figure out what it is..but doc thinks we shouldn't worry too much at this moment since i'm obviously getting my nutrients, gaining weight & staying active


so now that the poo-ey (literally & figuratively) part of the post is over with...we'll get on to the regular updates..again - woohoo, our NY Giants just won the Super Bowl! this is a very excited household & i'm having trouble even typing cuz dad is busy screaming, clapping & acting completely crazy - i think mommy screamed & she definitely got a jump or 2 in there..i'm just sitting here looking at the 2 of them like they're looney - i did get a bark, a few whines & a chase of the tail in the mix but geeeeeeeze, can't a pup just update his blog in a peaceful setting?!?

anywho..i spent a little time snoozing & a lot more time running around, acting like a clown..

but overall i was up & about, running around getting into whatever trouble i could find. in the midst of being sick, i've grown a great deal of weight without anyone knowing the wiser..i had outgrown my "puppy" collar that i got from mama shirley at boxers of cheyenne...it didn't hurt to outgrow but mom said it was about time to change it anyways as the other one was beginning to smell a little. so here's my new rasta pup collar.

as you can see in this pic, i have a bad habit of leaving my kibble EVERYWHERE & it drives mommy mad!! i couldn't really help it here, i was actually quite famished & low on energy so it was all i could do not to choke. but holy moly, wow-wee after i finished that lovely bowl of yummy goodness, i felt like stretching my legs to get some hours worth of daddy-playtime...

mommy came up to me, upset that i had left all that kibble on the ground..so i tried to just give her the evil, rolling of the eyes...

she didn't appreciate it all that much & tried to assert some control/force in the situation...i told her "mooooooooooom, i am BUSY playing with my daddy..please don't make me stop or i will most certainly throw a temper tantrum"....

she kept on & on, so i FLIPPED OUT!!!! "MOMMMYYYYYYYYY, i do not want to go in there"

but she made me go clean it up anyways & said we were not having any person, animal or any of the like leaving a mess like that in this household for her to clean up..then she fussed at me for being disrespectful & put me in my crate, all by my lonesome in the room. :( what a bummer!?!

after i got out of prison - i was pretty unruly & peed in the house twice just today. they were pretty mad with me but mommy says she thinks it's all the pent up energy from being sick & not being able to take longer walks b/c we didn't want my water poo everywhere for other dogs to get into & get sick. who knows..they're supposed to talk to doc tomorrow to figure out where to go from here with my diagnosis...


so mommy says that some groundhog saw his shadow yesterday & that means we're gonna have 6 more weeks of winter! now, i don't exactly know what or who this groundhog is, nor do i understand how his shadow even talks b/c i chase my shadows constantly & they never once play back, or run from me, much less tell me anything.. either way, i don't know if i can take that much more winter b/c i'm ready to get out & about without worrying about the snow or tucking my tail under just to warm my booty...

don't get me wrong, i mean - like my mommy - i do love my sunbathing

but i'm SO ready to do it outside as opposed to in front of the french doors...i guess i'm just gonna have to talk to Penny, Lola & Sherman so we can figure out how to get to PA so i can reason with this groundhog AND his shadow.

PPPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSSSSS - don't forget to email me (kaisertheboxer@gmail.com) by tomorrow night fif you wanna pawticipate in the valentine's exchange!!!

pppppppppssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss - i'll be catching up on comments so be patient with me :) slobberz!!


we have a sick puppy... :(

morning to all you animals (humans included) out there..this is kaiser's mom sitting in to write a bit...and to let everyone know that we haven't posted an update because kaiser has been a sick puppy.

from the time we've gotten him, he's often had loose stool just because of changes in his diet with the kennel cough medication and possible food allergies. after his latest food switch, his stomach had not settled (so to speak) and the frequency with which he had to poo increased to almost 4 or 5 times per 1 short walk. his father and i immediately became worried, taking him to animal alpha last weekend for a fecal exam.

dr. segl ended up finding some giardia, prescribed us a dewormer and metronidazole which he is still in the process of taking. she was pleased to see, as were we, that he weighed about 40 pounds and obviously had been receving all of his nutrients. through everything, kaiser has never seemed "sick" - his disposition stays joyful and just as much puppy as ever and his activity level has increased despite him ever having been ill in any form.

two days ago, upon letting him out of his crate for his morning walk and "chow down" - he threw up food from the evening before. we attributed it to his medication because he didn't act differently and ate like a champ, per his usual greedy self. last night before dinner, our play was put on pause due to him vomiting twice - 1st with kibble he had just eaten and immediately after jumping around, the 2nd of what looked to be stomach acid and after just walking around. we again figured it to be the medication because he had no problem eating all of his food or with running around for hours afterward, playing with his new toy. he slept well and was uber-active this morning, immediately wanting to be fed, then moving on to his new toy.

on his pre-get in the car-let's go to work walk, we noticed streaks of red blood in his stool which was loose as it was before starting this treatment. i called dr. segl this morning to discuss everything and she has a suspicion that he has colitis, but wants to proceed with more testing - a full work up, possibly xrays, and worst-case scenario endoscopy. kaiser's dad will be taking him over in a couple hours for the full work up and exam, and hopefully we can figure out what ails him.

again, kaiser seems to be a healthy puppy from his actions and disposition so the situation has yet to be "dark"..but it is most definitely worrisome to his father and myself..and even to kaiser who looks so confused and helpless after he throws up..our poor baby. i will continue to update you all on his status as we find out new information. please send all of your good vibes our way as kaiser loves to sit with me and read your comments/blogs!!!

and don't forget...
valentines exchange
to pawticipate - email address to kaisertheboxer@gmail.com
deadline to email - monday, february 4th, 2008
list to be circulated to pawticipants - tuesday, february 5th, 2008


january in photo & edit


evening update:



Quick Bit..

just a quick note..
i know everyone probably thought i forgot about my blogger buds,
but i promise that that is NOT the case!
you know mommy normally updates on the weekends,
& i think i've almost talked her into updating more often than that....BUT
this past week her grandfather passed away. she's doing just fine now...
but it was pretty rough around here. then she & daddy left on friday morn...daddy came back..
but not mommy. i searched & searched & searched for mommy all weekend.
she called a few times each day to check in on me to make sure her baby was okay.
i discussed a few things over the phone with her..
then on monday morning at almost 3am - she came walking in the door!!!
she let me out of my crate & gave me the biggest hug & bunches of mommy kisses
i was so excited, i almost couldn't contain myself so we went for a short walk then went to sleep.
things are back to normal, i'm back to going to work with daddy & all that.
i was so incredibly thrilled, thankful & surprised to receive this from my buds
i'm supposed to tell everyone up to 10 buds that make
blogland the best thing since chocolate cake (which i'm not allowed to eat b/c i'm a doggie)
so i'd like to offer it to cairo, peanut & flash, bella, & bogart.
these are just a few as all of you bring happiness to my (& mommy & daddy's) days...
also, peanut & flash tagged me..so here goes my answers:
1. if i were another kind of animal, i would be a liger b/c they're so kewl.
they have stripes like me & are HUGE, just like i'm gonna be
one of these days. (btw: i'm about 35 pounds now!!)
2. my most favorite song is...i have too many to name, but
maybe i can come up with a few laterz...i won't be a bummer
on that one, it may just form a future post..hmmmm?!?
3. if i could live anywhere in the world, i would live in
north carolina..mommy & daddy are both from the beach there.
plus layla is there & we could play all day long...not to mention
the fact that they have THE
4. if i were a famous movie star or personality, i would be
b/c he was so big that people kinda were scared of him at first
but in the end, no matter what size he was..he always tried to do good,
helped others & looked after his girl..just like i do for my mommy.
5. i would be the spokesdog for frigidaire refrigerators b/c i could show everyone
the enjoyment that you can get out of playing with
the most perfect ice, & just how fresh it keeps all those goodies
like shredded cheese!
okay, now that i've finished that. i'd like to tag all my beautiful ladies out there,
but specifically these three b/c that's my mommy's line number from her sorority
i'll try to update in a few days, but i guess that would be the weekend again..
don't worry, i'll get it together one of these days!! i'll be waiting right here for everyone to stop
& say hi...puppy slobberz...


New Year, New Things...

as they say, a new year brings new things but life was pretty much the same as 2007 this past week. if you consider a holiday-vacation-type week "pretty much the same" as every other week of the year. i've relaxed so much lately that i almost forgot what it was like to have to work a full day. daddy & mommy were each able to spend a few days with me but then on friday, i ended up having to help daddy at work. it wasn't too bad a day, we weren't busy at all so i tried to catch up on some zzzzzz's.
now that i think about it.....most of the weekend i spent catching up on zzzzzzz's. all this talk of 2008, the brand new things happening in my life (like being able to go to the park, i.e. see previous post), & overall being uber-active compared to even the week before has a pup like me pretty worn out. i've been trying to perfect the art of snooze for quite some time..it's only been a matter of months since i graduated from novice to average in the arena of sleep - that wonderfully warm, fluffy, cushy, place called sleep (this generation would know it as being "knocked out").
mommy says that she would put a $5 bill on the notion that i've excelled from average to professional snoozer in just the past week. you name it, i'll sleep in it, on it, under it...anywhere, anytime. my mommy would say that i'm the "cat in the hat" of sleep...i could do it on a chair, i could sleep in places rare...in my bed stretched far out wide,
in my crate next to its side...i can sleep, pick a spot, anytime, i'll snore a lot. okay, sorry for that tangent - mommy was telling me about dr. seuss again (i said i am NOT going to be that reindeer just for your amusement...enough of that.) all this talk of sleep is making me.....yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn...very tired..so i need to move on or else.
this weekend was pretty fun even though we didn't do very much. daddy is renewing his passport & is buying mommy hers as one of her christmas presents (she's never had one before)..so i made them take quite a bit of shots to see what facial expression i should use on mine. i think this one works the best because they say not to smile, to just look regular & everday. yeah, this definitely is my everyday look. half serious, half chillaxin.
after doing that for a while, i helped dad look at shoes..or as we say "kicks" from his favorite store, Major, in DC. it's a really kewl store, & my dad's magazine "Complex" had a spread on them. they have really kewl shoes in all different kinds of neat colors. he wanted to pick out some for mommy, so here we are discussing what color choice would work best in her wardrobe. i could look at all these kicks for hours...
on saturday & sunday, i watched a bunch of football with daddy. i love that stuff, & daddy & i love pulling for our NY Giants - GO GIANTS!!! here i am after the games yesterday, just flipping through the channels, finding what i can find, watching what i can watch. i've been watching the previews for mtv's rob&big show. mommy & daddy love that show so they were telling me about it & the commercial came on..they have Meaty, a big white bull dog, but he's a skater too - i think i mentioned him in an earlier post..anywho, that show starts tomorrow nite so i'll be watching that...
anyway, that was about it for the weekend - like i said, pretty chill. as far as more updates go, it may have to wait until next weekend as usual..i'm trying to talk mom into updating more often. i keep telling her i have so many readers that love my updates..i've just about talked her into it i think...whatcha think? you think i can talk her into it? how did y'all talk your humans to update more often...i think i may need some pointers...until the next round..puppy slobberz...