we have a sick puppy... :(

morning to all you animals (humans included) out there..this is kaiser's mom sitting in to write a bit...and to let everyone know that we haven't posted an update because kaiser has been a sick puppy.

from the time we've gotten him, he's often had loose stool just because of changes in his diet with the kennel cough medication and possible food allergies. after his latest food switch, his stomach had not settled (so to speak) and the frequency with which he had to poo increased to almost 4 or 5 times per 1 short walk. his father and i immediately became worried, taking him to animal alpha last weekend for a fecal exam.

dr. segl ended up finding some giardia, prescribed us a dewormer and metronidazole which he is still in the process of taking. she was pleased to see, as were we, that he weighed about 40 pounds and obviously had been receving all of his nutrients. through everything, kaiser has never seemed "sick" - his disposition stays joyful and just as much puppy as ever and his activity level has increased despite him ever having been ill in any form.

two days ago, upon letting him out of his crate for his morning walk and "chow down" - he threw up food from the evening before. we attributed it to his medication because he didn't act differently and ate like a champ, per his usual greedy self. last night before dinner, our play was put on pause due to him vomiting twice - 1st with kibble he had just eaten and immediately after jumping around, the 2nd of what looked to be stomach acid and after just walking around. we again figured it to be the medication because he had no problem eating all of his food or with running around for hours afterward, playing with his new toy. he slept well and was uber-active this morning, immediately wanting to be fed, then moving on to his new toy.

on his pre-get in the car-let's go to work walk, we noticed streaks of red blood in his stool which was loose as it was before starting this treatment. i called dr. segl this morning to discuss everything and she has a suspicion that he has colitis, but wants to proceed with more testing - a full work up, possibly xrays, and worst-case scenario endoscopy. kaiser's dad will be taking him over in a couple hours for the full work up and exam, and hopefully we can figure out what ails him.

again, kaiser seems to be a healthy puppy from his actions and disposition so the situation has yet to be "dark"..but it is most definitely worrisome to his father and myself..and even to kaiser who looks so confused and helpless after he throws up..our poor baby. i will continue to update you all on his status as we find out new information. please send all of your good vibes our way as kaiser loves to sit with me and read your comments/blogs!!!

and don't forget...
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january in photo & edit


evening update:



Quick Bit..

just a quick note..
i know everyone probably thought i forgot about my blogger buds,
but i promise that that is NOT the case!
you know mommy normally updates on the weekends,
& i think i've almost talked her into updating more often than that....BUT
this past week her grandfather passed away. she's doing just fine now...
but it was pretty rough around here. then she & daddy left on friday morn...daddy came back..
but not mommy. i searched & searched & searched for mommy all weekend.
she called a few times each day to check in on me to make sure her baby was okay.
i discussed a few things over the phone with her..
then on monday morning at almost 3am - she came walking in the door!!!
she let me out of my crate & gave me the biggest hug & bunches of mommy kisses
i was so excited, i almost couldn't contain myself so we went for a short walk then went to sleep.
things are back to normal, i'm back to going to work with daddy & all that.
i was so incredibly thrilled, thankful & surprised to receive this from my buds
i'm supposed to tell everyone up to 10 buds that make
blogland the best thing since chocolate cake (which i'm not allowed to eat b/c i'm a doggie)
so i'd like to offer it to cairo, peanut & flash, bella, & bogart.
these are just a few as all of you bring happiness to my (& mommy & daddy's) days...
also, peanut & flash tagged me..so here goes my answers:
1. if i were another kind of animal, i would be a liger b/c they're so kewl.
they have stripes like me & are HUGE, just like i'm gonna be
one of these days. (btw: i'm about 35 pounds now!!)
2. my most favorite song is...i have too many to name, but
maybe i can come up with a few laterz...i won't be a bummer
on that one, it may just form a future post..hmmmm?!?
3. if i could live anywhere in the world, i would live in
north carolina..mommy & daddy are both from the beach there.
plus layla is there & we could play all day long...not to mention
the fact that they have THE
4. if i were a famous movie star or personality, i would be
b/c he was so big that people kinda were scared of him at first
but in the end, no matter what size he was..he always tried to do good,
helped others & looked after his girl..just like i do for my mommy.
5. i would be the spokesdog for frigidaire refrigerators b/c i could show everyone
the enjoyment that you can get out of playing with
the most perfect ice, & just how fresh it keeps all those goodies
like shredded cheese!
okay, now that i've finished that. i'd like to tag all my beautiful ladies out there,
but specifically these three b/c that's my mommy's line number from her sorority
i'll try to update in a few days, but i guess that would be the weekend again..
don't worry, i'll get it together one of these days!! i'll be waiting right here for everyone to stop
& say hi...puppy slobberz...


New Year, New Things...

as they say, a new year brings new things but life was pretty much the same as 2007 this past week. if you consider a holiday-vacation-type week "pretty much the same" as every other week of the year. i've relaxed so much lately that i almost forgot what it was like to have to work a full day. daddy & mommy were each able to spend a few days with me but then on friday, i ended up having to help daddy at work. it wasn't too bad a day, we weren't busy at all so i tried to catch up on some zzzzzz's.
now that i think about it.....most of the weekend i spent catching up on zzzzzzz's. all this talk of 2008, the brand new things happening in my life (like being able to go to the park, i.e. see previous post), & overall being uber-active compared to even the week before has a pup like me pretty worn out. i've been trying to perfect the art of snooze for quite some time..it's only been a matter of months since i graduated from novice to average in the arena of sleep - that wonderfully warm, fluffy, cushy, place called sleep (this generation would know it as being "knocked out").
mommy says that she would put a $5 bill on the notion that i've excelled from average to professional snoozer in just the past week. you name it, i'll sleep in it, on it, under it...anywhere, anytime. my mommy would say that i'm the "cat in the hat" of sleep...i could do it on a chair, i could sleep in places rare...in my bed stretched far out wide,
in my crate next to its side...i can sleep, pick a spot, anytime, i'll snore a lot. okay, sorry for that tangent - mommy was telling me about dr. seuss again (i said i am NOT going to be that reindeer just for your amusement...enough of that.) all this talk of sleep is making me.....yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn...very tired..so i need to move on or else.
this weekend was pretty fun even though we didn't do very much. daddy is renewing his passport & is buying mommy hers as one of her christmas presents (she's never had one before)..so i made them take quite a bit of shots to see what facial expression i should use on mine. i think this one works the best because they say not to smile, to just look regular & everday. yeah, this definitely is my everyday look. half serious, half chillaxin.
after doing that for a while, i helped dad look at shoes..or as we say "kicks" from his favorite store, Major, in DC. it's a really kewl store, & my dad's magazine "Complex" had a spread on them. they have really kewl shoes in all different kinds of neat colors. he wanted to pick out some for mommy, so here we are discussing what color choice would work best in her wardrobe. i could look at all these kicks for hours...
on saturday & sunday, i watched a bunch of football with daddy. i love that stuff, & daddy & i love pulling for our NY Giants - GO GIANTS!!! here i am after the games yesterday, just flipping through the channels, finding what i can find, watching what i can watch. i've been watching the previews for mtv's rob&big show. mommy & daddy love that show so they were telling me about it & the commercial came on..they have Meaty, a big white bull dog, but he's a skater too - i think i mentioned him in an earlier post..anywho, that show starts tomorrow nite so i'll be watching that...
anyway, that was about it for the weekend - like i said, pretty chill. as far as more updates go, it may have to wait until next weekend as usual..i'm trying to talk mom into updating more often. i keep telling her i have so many readers that love my updates..i've just about talked her into it i think...whatcha think? you think i can talk her into it? how did y'all talk your humans to update more often...i think i may need some pointers...until the next round..puppy slobberz...