Not much going on...

Hi all - so sorry so long yet again.  Mommy is just too freakin' concerned with this whole baby thing.  From going to the doctor to picking out nursery colors and "preparing" the house..it seems like a whole bunch of hub bub for nothing but what...my mom's belly (which by the way is getting bigger but I won't say that to her.)

I haven't been up to much since my birthday, kinda just enjoying being a year old.  Mommy and Daddy HAAAAAAD given me some extra freedom.  Please notice the past tense of that.  I was doing really well then Dad's friend Los came to stay with us for a night and it all went out the window..or started to anyways.  Dad/Los said that it must've been the scent of Los' female boxer Sheba but Mom SWEARS it has to do with me wanting attention and needing to show out..but I ended up peeing all over the floor on Friday AND then again on Saturday!  WHATEVER, stupid people!  THEN, Mommy and Daddy have started leaving me out of my crate when they go away for a couple hours and I had been doing really well at holding down the house for them...well I got curious and started fumbling around with things I shouldn't be near..like Mommy's Rainbow flip flops...and I accidentally (I swear it was an accident) chewed one up.  So yeah, that freedom is no more!

Other than that, not too much going on.  Mommy started a new bloggie for my lil' sis - oh I forgot to say that I'm going to get a new little sis and her name is Makaeda Hope..she should be here around March 5th!  Anyway, if any of you bloggie buddies want to check it out - you can find it at http://anevensweeterlife.blogspot.com.  Here are a few pics of me to hold you over, Mommy says I keep getting more and more handsome!