It's been so so sooo very long...

since my last confession. JUST JOKING! Although Mommy says I probably have a LOT to confess to so it would probably be worth it..

I've missed all my blogging pals and pups out there. Boy has my life changed. I went from being the spoiled rotten, only child that my parents adored and treated like a King..to being the big brother..which also means the "other" child that barely gets noticed, who never gets treatsies..but definitely gets yelled at! (Kaiser's Mommy interjecting here..Kaiser does not like acting like an older brother, and since his father and I have not been devoting all of our attention to him and doting on him all the time and taking him everywhere like we used to - Kaiser has been acting out..not destroying anything..but acting like a spoiled brat and not listening to anything we say until the 18th time we say it or until we make threats of punishment.)

They won't even let me near my little sister except for a sniff or a foot lick here and there. Something about me just getting too excited and being rambunctious..whatever. All they do is ooh and ahhh over her..and take pictures of her. Mommy did take some newer pics of me and Daddy last weekend but I'll have to share them with you laterz..until then..here's me..in the blurry corner of a picture of my sister doing something 'SOO AWESOME' (according to my parents)..I mean I lift my head all the time with no troubles and they don't sit there taking pictures of me trying to do it..

Here's another picture of her..no matter how jealous I am, I guess I do have to admit she's a cutie..good looks run in the family. :)

I'll write more laterz..gotta start packing..Mommy, Daddy and baby Makaeda are going to NC next weekend..so I get to go on vacation too..not with them..but somewherez..