can't wait to come home..

only one more week (+a little over a day) until i come home with my mommy and daddy. ms. shirley told mommy how i've fallen in love with puppy food. they said i was getting too old to still be after my mom's milk - oh well, it was nice while it lasted. i'm loving playing with my other siblings..AND we've all been really excited b/c some of the other boxer family members at Boxers of Cheyenne - Cody and Allie had 8 baby puppies - like really baby puppies. they're so cute, but it's weird not being the babies anymore..

since i haven't had any 5019 adventures, i'd thought i'd leave you with a video and some older pics from when my mommy and daddy came to visit me in capon bridge...

that's me stumbling around before i even knew what legs were..you can see my comfy brown blanket that my daddy and mommy brought for my 1-month birthday on Oct. 13. they also brought me a toy that i like to call Mr. Hedgehog..he squeaks and everything!..then you can see my daddy giving me a gentle rub - i like laying on my blankie and getting a nice rub until i fall asleep...

that's me checking out Mr. Hedgehog for the first time...

my mommy and me..she loves giving me hugs and smooches!!

you know, my mommy and daddy say i'm the cutest puppy ever, and i have to say that i totally believe them :)


My Profile Pic

i'm still trying to get acclimated to this whole "Blogger" thing, but for now here's my first photo. i'm only 6 weeks old in this pic and already looking like a big boy. it was finally nice enough for my siblings and me to go outside and play... i can't believe it's already been 6 weeks, but next thursday i finally get to go home with my mommy and daddy. i hope alexandria is as nice as capon bridge has been. i'm going to miss my siblings and family at boxers of cheyenne, but i know i'll have a blast with my new people...hmmm, i wonder what trouble awaits me at 5019?!?