Finally an UPDATE...

okay, so i (my mommy) has been the slackest updater person in the whole entire world and she sends all of you her sincerest apawlogies once again!!  i just don't know what i can do to get her to update this thing more often..

well, i'm officially almost 1-year old..where in the world has the time gone?!?  i've been enjoying my summer so much and am still growing like a weed.  i'm probably between 75 and 80 pounds now and doing quite well (except for the occasional unruly behavior which mommy would say happens more often than what dad would claim but i'm a daddy's boy so what can i say!).

things are changing in my house and i guess it has a lot to do with me getting older and actually having to act like a dog instead of a puppy.  i'm going to try and beg mom to take some newer pics so we can share them..she's so slack like i said.  dad and i have really been wondering what the heck she does that makes her so tired all of the time..she's glued to the couch..

then, we got the biggest UPDATE and news in the whole world.  my mommy and daddy are having a BABY!!!  i'm honestly having mixed feelings about this b/c mommy says i really need to get my act together before this happens..so we'll see about that.  whatever it is..it's growing in my mommy's belly..daddy says she's just going into her 2nd trimester (again whatever that means)...

dad says i need to watch after her more and make sure she's okay so i'm doing my best at following her around and sitting by her...other than that, nothing has really been happening..just tried to enjoy the weather and the warm outside...how is everyone else doing???  i missed you!