My First Barkday

Well SHOCK SHOCK!! As promised, Mommy actually felt like updating today so here we are, updating! On to the celebration. Little did I know, the parents actually had a dayful of activities planned for 1 year old me! It started off with a ride in the car - which I haven't gotten much of lately since I no longer go to work with Dad. This was me, waiting patiently to get in the car. You'll notice that I do not have a leash on and that's because I'm such a good boy around the complex that Daddy (and somtimes Mommy) lets me go on my walkies without one on...yep that's right - I've earned some trust!

After a nice, sunny ride in the car with nose poked out the slit in the window..we arrived at one of my FAVORITE places - Bark N' Bubbles!!! (Visit their site here: http://www.barknbubblesdogwash.com/) Everyone is so nice there and I LOVE venturing around the 2-story building. There are so many great smells, they have toys and treatsies. I usually can't have any of the treatsies because I only eat grain-free products but Mommy treated me to a few during my bath because I was such a good boy (or to get my attention since I'm a freak but whatever!)

While we were there, the cutest little pup came in and I swear I thought my Mommy wanted to take him home. I started whining and she claimed it was jealousy but I really just wanted to let them unlatch me so I could go play with him. He is 4 months old and his name is Biggie!! Maybe once he gets older, they'll let me actually play with him.

After we left, and another sunny ride in the car, Mommy took some long way back home and they made 2 stops on the way home...one to some Pet place (which I KNEW had to do with me) and then to some food place for Mommy and Daddy. Mommy gets so cranky now when she's hungry so I knew Daddy must have been forced to do that before taking me home to get pressies.

So, once we got home - I DUG into my own dinner of Wellness Core Ocean Formula (my new food that I LOVE and is the best thing ever in life.. (http://www.wellnesspetfood.com/dog_wellness_grain_ocean.html). After that, I was kinda pooped so I took a nice long snooze in the bed before everyone's bedtime. Dad and I stayed up watching TV because Mom goes to bed early these days..and then we went to bed. They told me before nightie nite that I'd get my pressies and such tomorrow (today).

So this morning, I just waited patiently - didn't even eat my breakfast because I was so excited. They had some big brown bag on one of the chairs and I kept trying to sniff it but they wouldn't let me...something about taking off tags and such. SO THEN...once Mommy got the scissors together - it was TIME...this is me stretching my neck around to see what was going on (notice the nice shiny coat thanks to Pops' wash the day before)..

Here's a pic of me and Ape, my new chewy toy that squeaks on his tummy, his hands and his feetsies! I really just like biting at his crazy hair. Then, there's my new rope ball. Mommy thought I wouldn't be able to lift this one - HAHA - what does she know about that though?!?

Matter of fact, here's the progression of my rope balls...and I can still lift and somewhat toss the biggest one. Just give me a couple weeks..it'll be hitting her (Mommy) upside the head just like I've done with the smaller ones by my nice tosses.

Mommy and Daddy also bought me 2 collars - this is my new regular collar, it's really nice and sturdy. I love my Rasta one, but they said it's stinky. Plus yesterday at Bark N' Bubbles, I pulled Daddy so hard that I unlatched it myself! Thankfully this one shouldn't be that simple to break apart. Then Mommy got this other collar with these prongs that's supposed to get me "in control" on my walks. She tried it this morning and it got my attention quickly - guess I'll just have to behave from now on!

I think that's all for now. We have a big day of football planned today..and Daddy and Mommy are supposed to be taking me to get some new treatsies for my barkday since I'm almost out! Thanks for all the birthday wishes and hopefully I'll get to updating more often if Mommy (and Apple - what we're calling the baby at the moment) will cooperate!

Here are a few pics of my Sissy, Magic (my twin) from her Birthday morning..Happy Barkday to her and my siblings!!

Love and licks to everyone!!!



So I'm officially 1 year old today, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?

I have a busy day of celebration planned, and Mommy promises to update with photos and stuff today or tomorrow first thing!