Supplement to "Cough, Cough.." & Thanksgiving

okay so mommy finally downloaded all my pics & vids from her camera (only took her forever!) the trip to north cak was so long, but i slept for most of it. mommy & daddy stopped at the rest area & a few other places for me to go potty & so i could stretch my legs. here i am at the rest area with my dad - examining the ground for quality & safety

after first arrving at grammie & paw paw's house..i couldn't quite get the hang of attacking layla so she pretty much gave me a beating. i wasn't expecting her to be so big considering mommy told me she was a pup, too...i got a couple good nips in there though...

this is me - resting my bones after my first battle thursday evening, as you can see - i had mommy's cell phone right beside me in case my daddy called me needing anything important

this video is of the final battle between Kaiser Blaze & Layla, as you can tell - my battling/boxing skils are developing little by little.. ;) i kept trying to get a hold of her tail b/c i figured i could just whirl her around with it, but she never was still long enough.

this is me saturday nite, after many well-fought battles..i've developed a brand new obsession with socks so i'm snuggling with mom's red, comfy, warm, holiday socks in this one - no one knows what i do with daddy's b/c they can't catch me after i've grabbed up a pair..

and this final pic is of me, back in regular virginia - sulking b/c i'm without layla...man i can't wait to go back to north cak again....it was such a blast, but i was definitely ready to get back home & to my doggie bed


Cough, cough & I've Been TAGGED!!!

it’s been a tough month for lil’ ol’ me...adjusting to the new life & new home has been great & I’m having lots of fun. we just returned from north cakalak where my mommy and daddy grew up; i got to meet all my extended human peoples like my grammie, paw paw and nana! mommy says they spoiled me so much b/c my grammie gave me liver & ham stock, YUMMY!!! i spent most of the time playing with my cousin layla – she’s what my mommy called a lab mix – i call her my new best bud. mommy has video of me & her wrestling at grammie’s house but she said we didn't have time to post that now..have to post it laterz on.

back to the first comment though – about it being a tough month...i’ve been sick. daddy took me to the vet – this wonderful lady in fairfax at
alpha animal hospital – and she said i had kennel cough. all I know is i kept hacking & couldn’t stop – mommy was so scared b/c my breathing was very quick & i felt like i had a fever. i didn’t want to eat or play or anything, just lay around in my doggie bed & snore the day away. (mommy says I’m the worst snorer ever!) anyway, i got some anti…antibio…some medicine & took it for a week. i’m still coughing some but overall feeling much better, i get to see the alpha animal peoples again next saturday so hopefully she will give me a clean bill of health…

so, i was tagged by my pup pals
crikit, sparky & ginger…like them – it’s my first time & i feel so loved (so puppy kisses to the 3 of you!!!). they actually tagged me on the 25th but since we were out of town – this is the first i’ve had to sit down, plus getting mommy to sit down at the computer is hard considering daddy’s ALWAYS on it messing with his fantasy football team…(whatever!?!)

The Rules:
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1. list eight (8) random facts about yourself
2. tag eight people at the end of your post & list their names (linking to them)
3. let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs

Random Facts About Kaiser Blaze
1. i do not like the “claw” even though it tries to play with me constantly..it honestly drives me insane to where i bark & bark trying to get it away or bite it
2. i have 2 (b/c i’m so spoiled) crates/dens/kennels that are really comfy, one is big enough for my entire bed
3. mommy nicknamed me "stinky" b/c I fart, burp and smell like a “boy”
4. i get the hiccups ALL the time
5. i LOVE car rides – well actually I like them & tend to sleep so I don’t know if that means i LOVE them or not.
6. i have an obsession with the bathtub ever since mommy gave me my first bath
7. mommy & daddy don’t know that I can climb on the foot stool to get to the garbage can (hahahahahahahaha)
8. i really like peanut butter although I can never figure out how to get it off my tongue

My eight tags go to………………………………

Cairo, Bogart you Handsome Devil you!!, the Jackman Ave Gang, Peanut, Lorenza, Moab, Teddy & Ivy

i'll post more laterz about my turkey day..hope everyone had a great one!

puppy slobber to all...................


home sweet home

home sweet home...ahhh..oh how sweet it is...i really miss my family at Boxers of Cheyenne but i do have to say that this new home in regular virginia ain't too shabby. there are so many new things to figure out and so many roooms to explore...not to mention the toys!!! i have an entire tub full ,if you can believe it!

it's been a great week and a half. i spent just about every day with my daddy at his work everyone at his work was so nice to me and would play with me all throughout the day. i get to go there again tomorrow so i'm really excited. hopefully one day, i'll be able to go to mommy's job and meet all the people there.

speaking of which, my mommy's friend and coworker, miss christina, came over last sunday with mr. chris and my pal curty!!! we had a BLAST just running around in the house. i can't wait to see him again so we can hang out and run some laps. there's a pic of us in the slideshow below along with a few others from my first days home.

i also get to go with my parents to north carolina for thanksgiving. i can't wait b/c then i get to meet all my grandparents - so excited! anyway, that's all for now - i'll write more laterz...

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butterflies in my tummy

okay...so i'm nervous. not really nervous about my new people..but nervous about the new home, the new friends, the new life...and leaving..and the car ride that will officially enable my "leave"...my tummy has been in knots all day long which wasn't fun b/c i had to go to the vet too..whew..i doubt i'll be able to sleep much tonight.
i'm going to wait to post pics of all my new stuff so that i can add those pics to pics of my new home and such..so you have to wait a lil' longer for those. HOWEVER...my friends FINALLY sent me pics so that i could put them up on here so i can share those to bide the time and feed your appetites...plus i had to post something on my blog. i felt it was the only way to get my mind off the move and yet what did i start my post with - moving nervousness!!! i'm such a freakin' weirdo!
okay, the first two gentlemen are Blue Z. (top pic) and Bug E. (bottom pic) - my mommy works with their aumpy karen. they have been so nice to me (despite the tension between them b/c they are brothers). i don't know if i'll ever be able to meet them in person, but i surely hope so. they're the coolest cats i've met - EXCEPT for Bob the Bobcat - noone will ever replace him..but they're great pals!

this is my homie, Curtis Roscoe. his mommy and my mommy are good friends and they work together. my mommy says she's known Curtis (she calls him Curty) since he was a pup like me. i'm really excited b/c he and his mommy may come to visit me at my home in regular virginia on sunday. i really hope they come b/c i cannot WAIT to see him in person. he was a lobster for howl-o-ween...
okay that's all for now. i've signed up for dogster so i'm making a lot of friends on there....okay, i'm going to try and have some din din before i play a little with my siblings..then hopefully i can get some shut eye....

u know, regardless of all the nervousness - i'm super excited about seeing my humans tomorrow!!!


3 Days & Change

this morning i realized that there are only 3 days & some change until i see my human parents again. this is a very happy occasion b/c i get to go with them to my new home in regular virginia. i was a little down about it being that i have to leave everyone at boxers of cheyenne, but i overheard my mommy & ms. shirley talking last time & ms. shirley said i can come back to visit whenever i want. plus mommy said ms. shirley can keep up with me on my blog. <i knew this would be a good thing mommmmmm.>
i am really excited about going to 5019 - i hear it's the place to be. mommy & daddy went to petsmart yesterday & apparently got a nifty new doggie bed for me, along with a bunch of toys. mommy says i have so many toys already, she doesn't know when i'll have time to play with them all - i really don't think she has to worry. mom said dad took forever trying to figure out which "tug" toy was the best for me (& for him to use), but he said she couldn't figure out which bed was best so they were even.
<just between me and you, i think you can never have too many toys & i'm probably going to tear up whatever bed they bought me anyways so what does it really matter...> i'll post pics of everything laterz.
so, here's my latest pic. i was a lil' nervous about even putting it up - i just don't get it..my legs are growing, but my body feels like it's staying the same (even though it was big before & i'm probably just freakin' for no reason). ms. shirley is taking me wednesday for my vet check before i can go to regular virginia. at first i thought it had something to do with my legs growing issue, but my brothers & sisters also have to go, so i guess it's all gravy! <i mean, let's face it, my leg problem is nothing compared to some of the other issues that the siblings have - namely sleeping on top of my head, eating way too much at dinner, hogging the toys, running into me with their clumsy selves - oh yeah, & stinking up the place.>
anywho, i have some other things to say but i need to let the brats (brothers & sisters) use the computer, too. i'm so excited to be meeting people on blogger & other places..i'll have to tell you all about my new friends in the area and the meetup group my parents joined..woohoo!