my 1/2 born day - i'm 6 months old

I'm going to have to make this pretty short..I have some buffalo bite treatsies to get to and a nap to take before 11pm.

Today I am officially 6 months old!!!

Where has the time gone...(Mommy feels like shedding a tear..)


i never thought i'd get back to updating my blog, but whaddya know? mom actually blessed me with enough time on the computer so i could update all my pals..first & foremost,

the barking loud crew had a guess what this is contest & in my young years, i was keen enough to come up with the answer..go me!!

so, i've been up to quite a bit...mommy & daddy have been so busy with work & you know a good son like me just goes with the flow. i seem to be getting back on track with my house training..hopefully the regression has ended because i really don't think mommy could take anymore..she & dad already went to buy new smell good stuff for the carpets. of course, that's only to hold the house over 'til i can get the carpet cleaners in here to do work. i figure that's the least i can do for practically peeing everywhere..the least, right?

so a couple weekends ago mommy & i had a really...well..a really tough saturday. daddy had to go to work & mom had a bunch of errands to run so i told them i'd be cool by myself for a few hours..probly take a nap, lick my privates & chew on my blankies. mommy came home, took me for a short walk, put me in my crate in the bedroom & turned on the itty bitty television to bide my time (i really enjoy watching telemundo on a saturday afternoon.)

all was well & good, but after like 2 hours i found myself pretty bored..i had exhausted all interesting items in the crate & resorted to chewing the latch. after about 1 more hour, mommy came in the door...& that's where my serene, happy-go-lucky afternoon ended...with a spanking, some fussing & a trip to BOTH petsmart & petco, not to mention a stern talking to from dad when he got home from work. if you look at my slideshow below, you'll see a pic of me where mommy had tied me to the dining room table (with nothing to look at but laundry) while she cleaned the house (my mess).

......pardon the interruption, but this is kaiser's mommy & i believe i should share a more accurate account of what ocurred that saturday afternoon..as kaiser said, i left him to go run a few errands & returned home about 3 hours later. as soon as i put the keys in the door, i heard a faint "ting, ting" of kaiser's tags on his collar which seemed very strange considering i had left the tv on for him in the room & shouldn't hear him whatsoever at this point. i opened the door to find a bad little puppy walking, head down, tail down toward me at the front door. at closer look, i noticed this bad little pup had left a streak of pee all down the hallway..starting in the kitchen, down by the bathroom, bedrooms..up to the front door. kaiser had also decided to make a mid-afternoon snack of his father's timbaland boots, & he must've concentrated heavily on the shoelaces considering he had made a meal of the ends & removed one completely from the shoe. i'm assuming his efforts at playing cowboys & indians had proved unsuccessful since his make-shift teepee (which had been created from a broken down crate) was all but laying flat on the ground. from there, my guess is he wanted to play dress-up but couldn't quite get his arms in his father's button-up shirt..as a result he had resulted to chewing the collar to a wet, dirty mess......

.......running out of carpet cleaner, i figured i'd get him out of the house & took him to petsmart with me for a refill gallon or so. what a mistake?!?! not only was it adoption day, but they were also conducting what seemed like 2 training classes so the store was overrun with pups...& kaiser couldn't stand it to save his life. we haven't put him in training so it was a constant state of pulling & lunging..him gasping for breath, throwing himself at people & other dogs, me in a constant state of tension, grasping for the rope with both hands..horrible. finally, i said, "kaiser, mommy has had enough! she can't take this anymore!!" & with that, i traipsed over to the leash & collar section only to find the smallest of collars & harnesses for what is now a 50 lb pup. so on we went to petco where i spent over $50 buying a leash with two handles, a harness with a section that tightens around his chest & a martingale collar. of course kaiser's father thought this the most hilarious of happenings & he & the boy both had some laughs (& nub twists) about it all that evening......

as mommy said, i'm officially like 50 lbs (probly a tad bit more since it's been a few days) & have been tearing through my allergen-free food. i just can't get enough...up to 4 cups of food per meal, twice a day!!! again, doc says it's all good since i'm filling out nicely, while looking lean & handsomer than ever (shout out to my baby bella - all this handsome is for you!) speaking of doc...how about she added a link to my blog on her website!! my celebrity has begun!!! (to see a cute puppy pic of me & my link on her site..go to: http://www.alphaanimalhospital.com/ & head to the "links" page.) thanks doc!!

to other very, very important news..the other evening, after a hard day on the job with daddy, we returned home to find a box at the front door. mommy first thought it was a mistake, but then realized it was the belated valentine from the jackman ave gang!!!! woooooohooooo i said, wiggling all around.. by the way: i totally believe that belated gifts may be better because they completely surprise you! mommy could NOT get that package open fast enough...i bit & chewed & tried everything i could..then...that wonderful box of goodness opened, complete "ahhhhhhh" moment, & what did i find?!? SOOOOOOOOOO many goodies..chewies, stuffies, squeakers, treatsies!!! oh my goodness. my fav had to have been the lips..these beautiful red squeaky lips...i use the past tense because they lasted all of 2 hours before their end. they were so fun while they lasted though...mommy & daddy laughed & laughed...i couldn't contain my excitement & started doing a bunny-hop back & forth...

you know i always like to try & maintain the happy on my blog, but i'd like to take a moment of silence for the UNC Student Body President, Eve Carson who was shot in Chapel Hill this past week..mommy & daddy both went to school there & the Carolina Family is very much a BIG deal...our thoughts, prayers & sympathies are with her family & friends & the entire Carolina Family surviving this beautiful, promising individual..

sooo..i think that's all my updates for now..i'll be commenting & visiting everyone's pages throughout the week. mommy can't check my comments for me at work anymore so it may be a little while, but i promise to at least stop by your spots sometime soon! Don't forget to take a look at my slideshow below... ;)

ppppsssss...i'd just like to say that i love my daddy!! he's my bestest pal in the whole entire world & i love him so much...