hi everyone..as usual, mommy took forever & a day to update my bloggie..& of course since she took extra long - i have goodies galore, tags galore & updates galore to share with all of you..let me start with the goodies...crikit, sparky & ginger gave me this special goodie - mommy calls it a boquet!!

it's the "so special award" & it makes me feel so very special so i'm happy that i can make others feel the same way..i'd like to give it to my beautiful sweetie, bella. i already sent her flowers for valentines, but you can never give your sweetie too many blooms..next we have the excellent award. this one was given to me by the jackman ave gang which includes the lovely penny and beauty lola. "This award is given to bloggers who have wonderful outstanding styles and a fantastic ability to keep us thinking, amused and entertained. We now need to send this to ten writers of outstanding style and ability."

mommy was so proud to know that i'd received this award b/c it really means that my bloggie brightens the days of others...YAY!! i'd like to give this award to bogart and peanut.

now..onnnnnnnnn to the tags!! i was tagged by mango & maeby to list 7 unknown things about myself...some of these may be redundant from what i've done one tag a while back..but i'm guessing some of you didn't read that so they can be considered unknown, so to speak?!? hmmm? okey dokey..here we go:

1 - my mommy's special baby-boy nickname is "boobie". it kinda sounds like poopie, but the way she says it just makes my little nub twitch..i know when she calls me that - that i'm good to go, no trouble, no crate, etc.

2 - i've outgrown my smaller crate (which is a large crate)...

3 - i have an obsession with my mommy's body lotions - for some reason they smell & taste good, just like food so i mean why in the world CAN'T i taste it???

4 - i've already lived in 2 states - WV & VA

5 - my middle name is blaze.

6 - doc is predicting that i'll be about 80 - 85 lbs!!!

7 - i'm such a big baby - i hurt my butt a few days ago when i was playing & yelped so loud! mommy dropped to sitting on the floor & i ran right in to her lap & cuddled my face right under her chin - i could not get close enough!!! (i'm such a mama's boy.)

i'm passing this tag along to any pup out there who wants to share new stuff about themselves..b/c i LOVE hearing about all your lives!!! so..i got another tag from my homeboy kaiser from the zoo crew..(yep that's right we totally share the COOOOLEST name ever in the whole universe...)..this is my five faves tag - where i have to go through my old posts, linking them...here's my shot at it:

1 - Link One - Must be about family -- Supplement to "Cough, Cough" & Thanksgiving this post was a very special one with family in it. it was my first trip to see extended family members..i not only took a nice road trip with mommy & daddy, but then i got to meet my nana, my grammie, my pawpaw & other hooman cousins..BUT i also got to meet & play with my cuz layla..who i miss so much!!!

2 - Link Two - Must be about your friends -- Butterflies in My Tummy this post is special because even though i hadn't come to my home in VA yet, i had met my very first pals outside of boxers of cheyenne...they welcomed me to VA & i love them for it...all my posts after that are very special b/c my pawrents & i LOVE reading your comments on all my posts.

3 - Link Three - Must be about yourself -- AKC Registered..etc. this post is one of my fav's about myself b/c it was all about my "officialness"..a very big point in my life as a pup..

4 - Link Four - Must be about something you love -- and Such..i chose this post b/c it has a lot about my life in it...which i love my life so that would explain it..but also - it includes a part about me signing holiday cards for my fam..i love my fam & friends & sending cards...sharing love. :) is that cheesy or what?!? not to mention all the great pics of myself..i'm such a conceited, eh hem, convinced..doggie!!

5 - Link Five - Can be about anything you choose -- last but certainly not least...this post i'm writing right now is probably one of my favs b/c it makes me feel soooooooooo good & loved to receive awards, have been tagged, etc. etc. etc.

i want to tag anyone who hasn't done this tag yet...so get on your blogs & get on it!!! :) woohoo!!!!

NOW...on to other forms of "gifts"..my pal bogart asked a bunch of us bloggie friends to help tastetest some jerky that his hoomans have been making...hard at work i may add..check out his blog if you don't believe me!! anyways...i got my package in the mail..and WOOOOHHHHHEEEEYYYYY...we got the package but mommy made me wait to eat any of it!! i have to say...bogart - your hoomans & your superb quality control efforts were NOT in vain..this was the bestest ever!!! here's me almost taking off mommy's finger as she's holding it for my taste test..

so valentines day is over and i feel like the most loved dog ever. i received so many valentines and pup-o-grams and got so excited opening each one..there are so many to list, but here's a small sample..my honey's...and then the zoo crew...

thanks to everyone for pawticipating..can't wait til the next exchange!! not much else has been going on..i've kinda "reverted" mommy says b/c i'm peeing a lot in this house which means training again...fun fun fun (nooooot)! i got a new toy and a new bed (mommy interjection: which he has yet to sleep on b/c he pees on it every time we put it on the ground). here's a shot of me with my new toy..

i was so shocked to get a new bed, i had no idea they were even considering a new one..they left to go eat brunch, came home and from around the corner i see this HUGE bed...i was SOOOOOOOOOO excited...just look:

alrighty roo..it's about time for the fam to sit down for dinner..so i'm gonna head out...i'll be commenting again soon!


Happy Valentines' Day..

H.A.P.P.Y. V.A.L.E.N.T.I.N.E.S. D.A.Y.
(i have a lazy mom)
Mommy will be sending out all of my valentines for the exchange today so all you pups and humans that sent me your address..BE ON THE LOOKOUT!
(did i mention that my mom is the laziest person in the world?)
there's been a lot going on around my house lately so mom claims not to have had time to sit down & finish my update yet. her friend, my auntie christin, is coming to town this weekend so she says she has to clean house, get the guestroom situated..and all that!!!
(whatever, i say)
anywho, a-paw-logies for the tardiness (laziness) of my post (my mom).
Here's to a GREAT, lovey-dovey, day!!!
i'll be returning love & comments very soon!



hi all my friendzees!!!

okay - mommy was helping me to write a very thorough, long update/post with goodies...




& valentines news.....

but blogger is being slow & keeps locking the computer up sooo...

we're going to try again tomorrow nite.

be on the lookout!!!


my day(s) of rest




yep, you guessed it - it's me, your pal Kaiser!!!! luckily i'm back in business & able to post again. thank you so much to everyone who sent great vibes & well wishes, or just thought of me during the day. i can definitely feel the love. i tell you, these arguments with my tummy & intestaments..intesta..my insides have had my life in shambles..well okay, not shambles but i can tell you that it hasn't been pleasant. technically i feel the same as always, but i just can't stop going to the bathroom/shooting poo when i'm out there.

now to the health recap & update:

- had a fecal exam showing signs of giardia & was put round of metronidazole & dewormer

- switched to wolf cub bison/salmon food in case of chicken allergy

- still suffered from loose stool & went for full course of exam

- had regular exam, xrays, blood panel, etc. etc. etc. (so kewl b/c daddy was able to see my growth plates & everything)


- results came back positive & pretty normal for a growing pup

- i did have an elevated white blood cell count but doc figured it's cuz i have an allergy

- doc thinks i'm too young to have developed colitis

- mommy has to call to update her on my stool tomorrow & we'll go from there

either me or mommy will update everyone as the plot thickens...right now, we're just going to try to figure out what it is..but doc thinks we shouldn't worry too much at this moment since i'm obviously getting my nutrients, gaining weight & staying active


so now that the poo-ey (literally & figuratively) part of the post is over with...we'll get on to the regular updates..again - woohoo, our NY Giants just won the Super Bowl! this is a very excited household & i'm having trouble even typing cuz dad is busy screaming, clapping & acting completely crazy - i think mommy screamed & she definitely got a jump or 2 in there..i'm just sitting here looking at the 2 of them like they're looney - i did get a bark, a few whines & a chase of the tail in the mix but geeeeeeeze, can't a pup just update his blog in a peaceful setting?!?

anywho..i spent a little time snoozing & a lot more time running around, acting like a clown..

but overall i was up & about, running around getting into whatever trouble i could find. in the midst of being sick, i've grown a great deal of weight without anyone knowing the wiser..i had outgrown my "puppy" collar that i got from mama shirley at boxers of cheyenne...it didn't hurt to outgrow but mom said it was about time to change it anyways as the other one was beginning to smell a little. so here's my new rasta pup collar.

as you can see in this pic, i have a bad habit of leaving my kibble EVERYWHERE & it drives mommy mad!! i couldn't really help it here, i was actually quite famished & low on energy so it was all i could do not to choke. but holy moly, wow-wee after i finished that lovely bowl of yummy goodness, i felt like stretching my legs to get some hours worth of daddy-playtime...

mommy came up to me, upset that i had left all that kibble on the ground..so i tried to just give her the evil, rolling of the eyes...

she didn't appreciate it all that much & tried to assert some control/force in the situation...i told her "mooooooooooom, i am BUSY playing with my daddy..please don't make me stop or i will most certainly throw a temper tantrum"....

she kept on & on, so i FLIPPED OUT!!!! "MOMMMYYYYYYYYY, i do not want to go in there"

but she made me go clean it up anyways & said we were not having any person, animal or any of the like leaving a mess like that in this household for her to clean up..then she fussed at me for being disrespectful & put me in my crate, all by my lonesome in the room. :( what a bummer!?!

after i got out of prison - i was pretty unruly & peed in the house twice just today. they were pretty mad with me but mommy says she thinks it's all the pent up energy from being sick & not being able to take longer walks b/c we didn't want my water poo everywhere for other dogs to get into & get sick. who knows..they're supposed to talk to doc tomorrow to figure out where to go from here with my diagnosis...


so mommy says that some groundhog saw his shadow yesterday & that means we're gonna have 6 more weeks of winter! now, i don't exactly know what or who this groundhog is, nor do i understand how his shadow even talks b/c i chase my shadows constantly & they never once play back, or run from me, much less tell me anything.. either way, i don't know if i can take that much more winter b/c i'm ready to get out & about without worrying about the snow or tucking my tail under just to warm my booty...

don't get me wrong, i mean - like my mommy - i do love my sunbathing

but i'm SO ready to do it outside as opposed to in front of the french doors...i guess i'm just gonna have to talk to Penny, Lola & Sherman so we can figure out how to get to PA so i can reason with this groundhog AND his shadow.

PPPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSSSSS - don't forget to email me (kaisertheboxer@gmail.com) by tomorrow night fif you wanna pawticipate in the valentine's exchange!!!

pppppppppssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss - i'll be catching up on comments so be patient with me :) slobberz!!